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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites Recipe

An appetizer is an essential in many different occasions, from a Game night, to a Family lunch or dinner, to a Party and even when you’re craving for something fast, easy and very tasty! We prepared this Chicken Appetizers collection to show you the most different and elegant appetizers you can do at home. Some […]

Marinara Baked Cheesy Chicken

One of the healthiest ways to eat Chicken is by baking it. The only problem is to find a great recipe that offers a step by step guide about how to cook it, and most important what types of ingredients you can add for a glorious meal! In this collection, you will find great combinations […]

One-Pot Tomato and Potatoes Chicken

Cooking an elaborated and delicious meal can take a lot of time and effort! Everyone agrees that making a great lunch or dinner for a lot of people will make a big mess in the kitchen and there will be a lot of cleaning and washing after it. That is why, we wrote 10 amazing […]

Creamy Dumpling Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup is a true worldwide classic! The basic chicken soup is simmered water combined with vegetables and chicken broth, sometimes with pasta or rice added to it. In some countries, it is known to be a remedy for colds. But in this collection, we made for you, you will find the best top 10 […]

Sweet Korean Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings or Buffalo Wings? In American gastronomy, they mean the same thing. If you want to say Thank You to someone regarding the power of juicy, crispy and tender Chicken wings, Teressa Belissimo is that person. The owner of the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, where the first Wings were served! With the […]

Chicken Breasts Sandwich Recipe

Sandwiches, what a food! You might not find a single person in this world that doesn’t like sandwiches. The combinations are endless and the types of bread are endless as well. You can satisfy anyone with a specific Sandwich. The history brings us to the 18th century, where records show that any type of bread […]

Water Melon Chicken Salad

Everything begun in 1863, when the American form of Chicken Salad was first served by Town Meats in Rhode Island. This first Chicken Salad recipe was made with a mix of leftover chicken, mayonnaise, tarragon and grapes. Since those times there were created millions of different combinations of amazing Chicken Salads. Since the first Chicken […]

There’s no doubt chicken is one of the healthiest meal options. With several studies indicating that red meat can lead to several health issues, it leaves chicken to be the healthy choice. Some people feel chicken breast gets plain to eat after a while. Fortunately, chicken can be made in several different ways to satisfy […]

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