What a Party saver! No matter who you invite, family or friends, this will be your biggest cooking success for a long time. People will literally ask for the recipe, all the details and if there is more left in the kitchen! This easy tasty meatloaf is very easy to make under one hour with all ingredients available readily in every store around. It qualifies as an easy dinner meal anytime.

Equipment you will need:
Cutting Board
Large Bowl
Aluminum Foil
Baking Tray

Meatloafs are popular throughout the world, with each country having a speciality either in ingredients or the way they are made. Sometimes they do contain inner fillings of eggs or sausages. Our recipe is a bit lighter and therefore also healthier. For more details on the various meatloaf styles check out the Wikipedia Meatloaf page.

Serve this spectacular simple meatloaf with homemade mash potatoes and steamed green beans! You don’t need to thank us, just enjoy it with a smile and share it with your loved ones 🙂