Do you know the famous Banana Bread? Here’s the ultimate upgrade! With bourboun raisins, this is not your classical boring banana bread. You will have the excitement of new tastes, the mashed bananas, being enhanced by the bourbon flavoured raisins.

We have made multiple banana bread variations and have tasted all of them, by our own tongues. This one came by far as the best and that is why it is here…it’s easy to make, uses 3 ripe bananas as the base and special ingredients to make it the one.

Equipment you will need:
1. Whiskers
2. Medium Bowl
3. Large Bowl
4. 22 cm Cake Pan
5. Small Pot

Banana breads came around long time ago, and the tasty cake has even got a national day, did you know that ? So mark your calendar with 23th of February and this recipe and celebrate in great style.

Fluffy, Walnutty, Tasty and with that perfect soft Bourbon flavored kick to it! And just like this, a new perfect Banana Bread has born!