Just listen to the next words, Watermelon Chicken Salad…Fresh Sweet Watermelon with a Salty Feta Cheese kick in a Vinaigrette from Heaven, on top of a Juicy and Tender Chicken breast.
Did you just read that? If you did, run! Run to the kitchen and be nice to yourself, make and eat this salad, you will thank me later.

Equipment you will need:
⦁ Large Bowl
⦁ Small bowl
⦁ Rolling pin or Mallet
⦁ Cast iron skillet
⦁ Cutting board
⦁ Chopping Knife

Enjoy this amazing meal but don’t forget this is enough for 6 servings, so if you can resist, share at least a little bit. Bon appetite!

Source: http://domesticate-me.com/chicken-paillard-with-arugula-and-watermelon-salad/