Food is amazing when it’s simple to do, but you get complex flavors! That’s why this Cheesy Caramelized Onions Chicken Sandwich is amazing! All it takes to make this recipe is few hamburger buns and chicken breasts halves, some provolone cheese and max 30 minites of your time. And you get a great afternoon snack! 

Equipment you will need:
⦁ Large heavy skillet
⦁ Cutting Board
⦁ Chopping Knife
⦁ Indoor Grill Pan / Outdoor Grill

You know you are a happy person when you just combined grilled chicken, melted provolone cheese, caramelized onions and avocado and you put all of that in the middle of the sexy buns! Enjoy!

How many hours of exercise does it take to burn it off?

310 calories per serving of Caramelized Onions Chicken Sandwich
average adult height of 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm) with average weight of 166 pounds (75 kgs)

Bicycling at a self selected pace             —-> 53 minutes
Walking, 4.0 Mph at very fast pace     —-> 59 minutes
Running, 10 Mph (6 Min/Mile)            —-> 23 minutes
Badminton, Social Singles/Doubles   —-> 54 minutes