Peanut Chicken Tenders is the perfect snack for eating just lying on the couch or around the table with your friends. You will just love the peanuty and cheesy flavours all combined…origianally inspired by the thai peanut butter chicken recipe, this one is a bit modified with cheddar cheese being the ingredients that makes this all tasty and different.

Equipment you will need:
1. Chopping Knife
2. Cutting Board
3. Small Pot
4. Baking tray
5. Three small bowls
6. Whiskers
7. Blender

Can’t stop nibbling? We know the feeling…Even if the party is not that exciting, these tenders will do the trick! The peanut chicken recipe is the top choice for party or family evenings…my favourite choice. Other than this one, I also do the chicken skewers for the game evenings.