You will love the sweet taste of India! Easy Chicken Biryani or also known as biriyani, biriani or briyani is originally an Indian dish from the Muslim regions of Delhi and other smaller city regions. In principle, the dish consist of meat, rice and spices and has many different variations, not only in India, but wherever it is cooked.  If you want to find out more details about this dish, just checkout wikipedia here.

Equipment you will need:
1. Chopping Knife
2. Cutting Board
3. Medium pot
4. Grill

An authentic Indian dish made at your home in a really easy way, will proudly say that this is the best chicken biryani we have been cooking ! You gonna be a fan of it.

Recommended wines for this recipe : 

1) White: Chardonnay (Côte d’Or) from Côte d’Or, France
2) White: Chardonnay (partially oaked, dry) from California, USA
3) Red: Cabernet Sauvignon (oaked, dry) from Simonsberg-Stellenbosch, South Africa

How many hours of exercise does it take to burn off Easy Chicken Biryani ?

405 calories per serving of Chicken Biryani
Average adult height of 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm) with average weight of 166 pounds (75 kgs)

Bicycling at a self selected pace             —-> 57 minutes
Walking, 4.0 Mph at very fast pace     —-> 77 minutes
Running, 10 Mph (6 Min/Mile)            —-> 30 minutes
Badminton, Social Singles/Doubles   —-> 70 minutes

Questions we get about Easy Chicken Biryani

1.How to make chicken biryani? As described in the recipe, you will first prepare the chicken by marinating the breasts and rubbing them with 1 tsp. of coriander powder, the garlic powder, salt, pepper and a tsp of turmeric powder. Let the marinated chicken rest or at least 20 minutes to let the spices to sink in. Meanwhile you can prepare the rice in the biryani style. Once done, proceed to fry the chicken on frying pan or alternatively use a grill as detailed in the recipe below. 

2. Which type of rice is specifically used in chicken biryani recipe? Chicken Biryani recipe is best done with Basmati rice, which is a long grain, aromatic type of rice, mostly grown in India (approximately 70 percent of world consumption) and Pakistan. The natural aromatic fragrance of basmati rice is ideal for a spicy style recipe like the chicken biryani.  

3.How many biryani recipes are there? There are few varieties of chicken biryani according to the process and ingredient content. We will details these here. Other than than, there are regional variations of biryani recipes, ranging from hyderabadi to Kolkata to Ambur types. 

Beef Biryani – as expected, the meat used in this recipe is beef, mainly cubes, the usual spices and lots of tomatoes. A classical indian style biryani, sometimes also named Kalyani biryani, appears mainly in the Hyderabad region, where it originated sometimes in the 18th century. 

Kacchi Biryani –  this is a type of biryani, where the process of cooking it differs from the other types. A marinated, not cooked meat is placed at the bottom of a pot, layered with rice and then the pot, usually sealed, is set for cooking. 

Tehari – this you could call the vegan choice, as it does not contain meat. The meat ingredient is replaced with potatoes, however, rather than adding rice to the meat as in the traditional biryani, in this case, the potatoes are added to the rice. This type of biryani was popular especially during world war 2, when the meat prices were not affordable.