Lasagna being the family favourite food and probably the oldest pasta. It consist of pasta or lasagna sheets alternated with filling, usually beef meat with sauce layered again with the lasagna sheets. Then baked in the oven.  And here we have the ultimate Easy Lasagna recipe made from scratch!
In our  AllFitRecipes kitchen, our chefs developed the easiest and full of flavor lasagna for you to impress your family and friends! Presenting the Best Lasagna recipe around !

Equipment you will need:
⦁ Cutting Board
⦁ Knife
⦁ Baking Tray
⦁ Medium Pot
⦁ Large Pot

And if you want to try a vegan version of this awesome Lasagna recipe, just substitute the meat with Granulated Soy and use Vegan Cheese instead, you will be surprised with it! Or try this one.