A crunchy perfect quiche crust with just 5 ingredients. Bake it and let your imagination go wild. As the basis of your next best favourite food, the crust is the first step in making the best quiche recipe…and it’s very easy to make ! Making a good crust is one of the main steps in making a perfect quiche overall, so make sure this is done right…with this recipe, you will make no mistake.

Equipment​ ​you​ ​will​ ​need:
1. Food processor
2. Baking pan
3. Parchment

Whether you are going for a traditional Lorraine quiche or some crazy delicious idea you just had, you can trust this crust! Follow next with our favourite vegetable quiche recipe.


Questions we get about Perfect Quiche Crust

1.Do you need to have the crust ready ahead of making the quiche ? Ideally, you should be making a quiche at the same time you are making the crust. This is especially important with quiches, as they usually have wet fillings, that require a prebaked crust. Once you have the crust, you should fill it while it is still warm. The overall time for making a quiche crust is 20 minutes, preparation of an easy filling of the quiche should not take you more than 15 minutes.

2. What is blind baking ? Blind baking is a technique of pre baking the crust. This is usually done only with fillings that are very wet and prevent the filling of the crust as it would become soggy. This recipe quiche crust is pre baked and as you can see, we have used black beans to fill the crust during prebaking, instead of the usual pie weights.

3. How to prevent bubbling of the crust ? To prevent bubbles at the bottom of the pie crust, you either use pie weights or, as pictured in this recipe, you use any type of dry beans. This prevents to pie from making bubbles.