A wonderful earthy flavour and super easy to make. It’s healthy nature on your plate, with this roasted vegetable quiche consisting of tomatos and beet root, you have a dose of vitamins served in this popular french style cuisine. Quiche originally came from France and is very popular there still, later being popularized in other parts of the world as well…here you have a chance to taste this vegetarian style quiche yourself.

Equipment​ ​you​ ​will​ ​need:
● Cutting board
● Knife
● Large bowl
● Baking tray
● Whiskers
● Quiche pan

Feeling healthy today? Grab a slice and you are all set.

To make this recipe, you will have to make the crust as well…for this, we of course have a recipe too…check out the quiche crust recipe.

How many hours of exercise does it take to burn it off?

234 calories per serving of roasted vegetable quiche
average adult height of 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm) with average weight of 166 pounds (75 kgs)

Bicycling at a self selected pace             —-> 33 minutes
Walking, 4.0 Mph at very fast pace     —-> 45 minutes
Running, 10 Mph (6 Min/Mile)            —-> 17 minutes
Badminton, Social Singles/Doubles   —-> 40 minutes