They are crunchy, they are savory and they are sweet. These are great fried salmon patties you will remember forever. Just amazing Salmon delicacies with a suprise inside for everybody ! Great for parties or home celebrations as an easy and healthy snacks. The base is delicately cut salmon and onion, lemon zest cream that blends perfectly with the salmon, to make the salmon patties mixture. The recipe looks complicated, as it has 16 ingredients, but in reality…it’s very easy…the ingredient list should not really fool you here….go ahead and try it…in half and hour you should have a great meal at your table. 

Equipment you will need:
● Large bowl
● 3 small Bowls
● Cutting board
● Knife
● Deep fryer

Who doesn’t love surprises? Impress everyone with the sweet secret inside.

Recommended wines for this recipe : 

1) White: Chardonnay (partially oaked, dry) from California, USA
2) White: Riesling (medium-dry) from Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Germany
3) Red: Cabernet Sauvignon (oaked, dry) from Simonsberg-Stellenbosch, South Africa

How many hours of exercise does it take to burn it off?

152 calories per serving of Fried Salmon Patties
average adult height of 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm) with average weight of 166 pounds (75 kgs)

Bicycling at a self selected pace             —-> 21 minutes
Walking, 4.0 Mph at very fast pace     —-> 29 minutes
Running, 10 Mph (6 Min/Mile)            —-> 11 minutes
Badminton, Social Singles/Doubles   —-> 26 minutes


Questions we get about Fried Salmon Patties

1.How long to fry salmon patties ? As mentioned in the recipe, fry until golden brown…this could take in between 2 to 4 minutes depending on the frying oil, surrounding temperature and level heat on the frying pan.

2. What to serve with salmon patties ? Use lots of vegetables, salad. To make this a full meal instead of just party snack, you could add potatoes or rice.