Here at AllFitRecipes, our Chefs bring you the best ever Fresh Salsa Verde recipe!

Since the original ”Salsa Verde” or Green sauce is as much as 2,000 years old, you can never get a better version like the next one…which is the case here. There are Italian, French and Spanish variations, but all have the same base….a cold sauce served either with meat or bread based on green herbs.

This unique mexican green sauce uses all generally available ingredients and has a mildly spicy taste based on the green chillis used. The green tomatoes make it also very juicy and tasty.

Equipment you will need:
1. Chopping Knife
2. Cutting Board
3. Medium Bowl
4. Hand Blender

The all mighty and famous fresh Salsa Verde! It can’t get healthier, tastier and simpler than this!

Recommended wines for this recipe : 

1) White: Sauvignon Blanc (dry) from Aconcagua, Chile
2) Red: Shiraz (oaked, blend, dry) from Langhorne Creek, Australia
3) Red: Malbec (oaked, dry) from Salta, Argentina

How many hours of exercise does it take to burn off Easy Baked Salmon?

19 calories per serving of Fresh Salsa Verde
average adult height of 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm) with average weight of 166 pounds (75 kgs)

Bicycling at a self selected pace             —-> 3 minutes
Walking, 4.0 Mph at very fast pace     —-> 4 minutes
Running, 10 Mph (6 Min/Mile)            —-> 1 minutes
Badminton, Social Singles/Doubles   —-> 3 minutes

Questions we get about Salsa Verder Recipe

1.What is salsa verde? Salsa verde is translated as an uncooked green sauce and comes from Mexican cuisine. In other words, it’s a green looking sauce made from green tomatoes and chilli peppers and tastes hot. The process of making salsa verde is in detail and in step by step pictures documented below in the recipe, however, in simple terms it involves putting all the ingredients in a bowl and then processing these with a hand blender until a green puree is the result. 

2.How long can I store salsa verde ? A fresh made salsa verder will last up to a week stored in a covered container and refrigerated.