Looks simple, but the taste of this healthy cream of cauliflower soup is actually really complex! With the chicken providing the comfort of a classic chicken soup, the cauliflower cream gives it the extra taste that make this an extraordinary soup.

The preparation takes little time out of the total one hour for this soup, but it’s the easiest soup you will make. With the just one cauliflower head and a bit of a shredded chicken, the ingredients are also not very demanding. The decoration at the end requires laminated almonds and chopped chives for this cauliflower soup recipe to look the best at your table !

Equipment you will need:

1. Cutting Board
2. Chopping Knife
3. Hand Blender
4. Medium Pan

Creamy and Healthy Chicken soup at it’s best! Whatever you do, just don’t forget the almonds at the end ! And you can always try a different vegetable soup like this one !