We took the famous 15 bean soup recipe and made it even more unique! You will love this powerful nutritional soup with a creamy twist.

Everybody, including me, is wondering abou the name of this great soup recipe, right ? Then a bit of history…15 Bean soup is actually a trademark name of N.K. Hurst Co. since 1988. The company makes dry soups and all sorts of other food, and 15 bean is their best selling dry soup. For more information of what kind beans are included in their product, check the wikipedia page.

For our 15 bean homemade soup, we are including all sorts of beans as well…but the most important item here is…do it with love !

Equipment you will need:

1. Cutting Board
2. Chopping Knife
3. Medium Pan
4. Medium Pot
5. Hand Blender

Definitely the perfect soup for a rainy or cold day!