A world wide famous soup – the olive garden soup, but this one made in a different way, easier, tastier and healthier! Olive garden is a famous italian style restaurant chain in the US, and its soups as well as other meals are popular in such a way, that are being searched around.

Now this version of the olive garden soup, as we said everything of more ! There is lots of vegetables and the tastes come from the fish – the monkfish (do not look it up, it looks crazy !) and the sea bass (a fillet of it and this one is really more friendly )

Equipment you will need:
1. Cutting Board
2. Chopping Knife
3. Hand Blender
4. Medium Pan

Such a vibrant flavor, great color, and healthy chunks of veggies…you will need to double the ingredients because you will want more later! Hey, and we have another similar colorful and fish based soup right here too.