There is no formula for comfort food, but if you are searching for one tonight, this is it – the easy chinese salmon wonton soup! The herbs and salmon wonton with the delicious clams broth is the perfect idea for an asian comfort style food!

Equipment you will need: 

1. Cutting Board
2. Chopping Knife
3. Medium Pot
4. Grill
5. Medium Bowl

You can make exactly the same recipe but substitute the salmon for your favorite fish, grounded meat or even mixed veggies, whatever you do, it will taste amazing!


Wonton Soup Factsheet

What is the Wonton soup ? Wonton soup has origins in China and the wonton means dumpling. Depending on the type of filling, usual being pork minced meat, the soup can be of different tastes. In the above case the filling is Salmon. Wonton soups are now available worldwide, although in different tastes and styles, the main theme being the handmade dumplings in the shape of usually a right hand triangle. The dumplings are made either fried or boiled and then served in a soup.