The Culinary Scholarship is an online recipes portal that promotes new cooking ideas and exchange of information in the culinary niche.

At, we’re passionate about cooking and recipes, and we want to help others who may have an interest in this area. Great and healthy cooking is always evolving and growing, and we believe careers in restaurants and culinary fields, including healthy living and healthy food are very important for our future.



To encourage further education in this space, we have created the Culinary Scholarship for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. One passionate individual will receive a $1000 award, just for applying and expressing their interest in the subject.

This is a new scholarship we created for 2018, and our goal is to have one award every year from 2018 onwards. We also hope to raise more awareness to our scholarship, and increase the value of the award as years pass.

Who can apply?

Any student who is currently studying culinary fields, health related subjects or nutrinional subjects may be eligible to apply and win our scholarship.

It you’re currently an undergraduate or postgraduate student studying in one of the fields above, then we strongly encourage you to apply for our scholarship.

How to apply?

If you’re interested in applying, simply send an email to

We’ll be reviewing all applicants, and rewarding the scholarship to one individual in late May of 2018.

The last date to apply is March 30, 2018.

We thank you for your interest.